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Xinji city xingyuan carbon factory
Manager: HaoYunZhu
13603210283: hand machine
To address: xinji city in hebei province south lu village
Power word: 0311-83335688 preach true: 0311-83333333
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Web site: http://www.xjhxt.com
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Xinji city xingyuan carbon factory, located in shijiazhuang, hebei province, 70 kilometers away from xinji city, city is yellow high-speed production calligraphy brand of activated professional manufacturers. Production equipment, strong technical force, detection means is complete, with perfect quality guarantee system. Not to finalize the design of more than 1,500 tons of carbon nut shell.
Company covers an area of 12,000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 6 fifty-six, equipment (set) carbon activation furnace and post-treatment production equipment, the annual production capacity of 1500 tons, the products are mainly selects apricot, peach stone material such as raw materials, strict originally for reference international quality system, scientific management, according to the international first-class standard, and the quality control standard production enterprises, the products are widely used in power plant, petrochemical industry, pharmacy, food, brewing, electroplating, chemical, environmental protection, precious metals extraction industries. Product quality, keeping promises, and ISO90 through
01-2000 international quality system certification. Sales nationwide.
Our factory has the adsorption, calligraphy brand carbon block, the adsorption quantity greater speed, High purity, uniform quality, High mechanical strength, good abrasion resistance. Widely used in medicine, water purification, metallurgy, chemical products, refined, purification, adsorption and purification, etc.
Facing the challenge of the new century and opportunities, remember the quality first, the prestige first, the customer first ", strives to build highly innovative ability, efficient operation mechanism, the sustainable development of the enterprise, and open all old and new customers hand in hand and create a bright future.

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